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Ocean Fossils

After Candelaria sparked our interest by showing us pictures of the aquatic fossil and bringing in a fossil from Villa de Leyva, we learned about fossils and made our very own!  So interesting to make a print of the past.

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What lives in the deep ocean?

Thanks Nana for sparking our imaginations and creativity with this great activity.  The group was really excited learn about the strange animals that live in the deep ocean and then make their very own with its special power.

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All About Sharks

After Augustin presented his Discovery Circle all about ocean animals and sharks, the groups’ interest spiked for sharks!  As we delve into learn more about this fascinating species, feel free to send in any and all things you have related to sharks to spark interests and discussion!

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World of water

Exploring the properties and incredible importance of water!

Sink or float experiment
Rain meters
How does water move
Exploring with ice and states of matter