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Mandala Exchange

Your children will be bringing home the mandalas they created for their peace corners this week!  The idea is to bring next week:

  1.  A photo of your peace corner at home
  2. A small calming object to keep in the peace corner at Kalapa
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Super Friend

We have started talking about what it means to be a super friend!

If your child comes home with a certificate, please celebrate!!  Very important process and we are proud of how far they have come.

  1.  Using caring and loving words
  2.  Listen and look at your friend when they talk to you
  3.  Use loving hands and feet
  4.   Share and take turns
  5.   Help eachother


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Build a Peace Corner

As a family reflect with your children about how we calm down.  Emphasize the importance to have a special place we can go to cool down.  Have each member of the family choose a space that is quiet and removed where you can escape and be alone (a cozy space free from traffic and distraction).  Then talk about what things or strategies help us to calm down.  Each member can then select items to decorate their space.  Remember the importance for mom and dad to model using their peace corners.  You can talk about when it is important to use the peace corner and practice. PLEASE POST PICTURES OF YOUR FINISHED PEACE CORNER TO THE CHAT TO INSPIRE OTHERS!

Here is an interesting link that can help you get started:  How to set up a Peace Corner 

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World of Emotions

It is soooo important to help your little ones increase their emotional vocabularies!

Try the following activities:

  1.  Go on an emotion hunt in a park or public area- bring cards or a list of emotions and try and identify them in the people you see
  2. Read stories and talk about how the characters are feeling and relate to your child and your own personal experiences.
  3. Share every day how you are feeling or the emotions you felt during the day