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Final Adventure Hike- June 12th!!

Help!  We need to think of a fun and exciting final adventure hike that we can access and hike in a day!  The idea is for each family to contribute to the picnic, cooking your child’s favorite recipe together at home (as long as its good at room temperature) and bringing it to share.

We need:

  1.  Ideas for a cool spot or mountian to hike
  2. Volunteers (all are invited but will need to provide own transport as we only have room for one volunteer)
  3. Think of a recipe that you will make (enough for all)
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Ocean Fossils

After Candelaria sparked our interest by showing us pictures of the aquatic fossil and bringing in a fossil from Villa de Leyva, we learned about fossils and made our very own!  So interesting to make a print of the past.

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Wacky Faces

We are working on our spatial awareness and body scheme and image.  The kids had fun making crazy hair while working on strengthening important muscles for speech and pronunciation.

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Learning to write

The kids are all very excited to start writing, and we are practicing identifying and writing the letters in our name and other words that begin with the same sounds.  They all wrote a letter to a big friend in Kalapa!IMG_7017